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Welcome to Aveyron, in the heart of France


The Aveyron has it all. Ten of the most beautiful villages in France, including one of our market destinations, Najac. This scenic area is intertwined with canopy covered lane ways, framed by rolling hills shaped by the Aveyron and Lot Rivers. Your experience will include impressive walled villages, medieval castles, vineyards synonymous with some of the best wines on Earth, and markets famous for walnuts, truffles, Roquefort and goat cheeses like the Pérail de Brebis.


Born and raised in the area, our Chef and market guide, Xaiver Lacaze began his culinary career here in the Occitanie region of France. You will join him shopping at village markets where he will educate you on local ingredients. Back at the Château the estate features an events space with a double-sized kitchen for classes where we will work along Chef to create cuisine with a focus on specialties of the area, a one-of-a-kind experience.


Our host and guide, Châtelaine Julia Fulford shares an artists love of the estate with the previous French artist who called the Château home. Château Mas de Pradié, dating back to the 1700s, sits over top of 18kms of an underground river and prehistoric cave system which you can explore. With years of Farm to Table experience in Alberta, Kim and Don have a ‘joie de vivre’ for cooking and travel. When spending the Fall of 2022 in France the concept of Taste of the Aveyron experience was created. They will be along to curate your stay and accompany you to each destination.


Stamp your passport and absorb French culture as it lures and captivates you with its charm that is almost indescribable.

For any food lover our Spring and Fall seven day Itinerary will even have a less experienced cook preparing French cuisine. Mornings at the Château start with chef laying out French delights to enjoy before we start our day. We will explore different markets with Chef Lacaze through the week held in historic villages and squares. Country lanes will provide Insta-worthy stops along the way and a chance to capture vistas of the region. We have made sure to incorporated days that have us eating with the locals to get a true taste of the daily life in France and a spectacular outing to a grand vineyard with an unforgettable dining and wine pairing experience. At the Château there will be cooking classes lead by Chef, exploring French techniques and local specialties, wine pairing, and of course time for cocktails by the pool and an evening of live music in the garden. If you crave a Taste of Aveyron, please contact us and we would be happy to book you a spot on our next culinary experience.


Welcome to Château Mas de Pradié Home to Taste of Aveyron


The Château is lovingly cared for by Julia, originally from Australia. An artist and designer by trade, Julia has renovated this magnificent estate to create a wooded wonderland with its beautiful bedrooms, quintessential rustic French period features, walled garden, peaceful swimming pool, stunning Event Hall, Free WiFi and a seasonal outdoor swimming pool. The entire Mas de Pradié Château and surrounding estate will be yours to discover during your stay.






Fly into London, Paris or Madrid and enjoy the big city lights before planning your escape to the heart of France. Located equidistant from Toulouse, Montpellier and Bordeaux, meaning it is easily accessible by road and air, the Château is the perfect place to escape and reconnect with nature and an enjoyment of the simpler things in life.


We provide an exclusive and authentic stay so there are limited available spots each season. Please reach out to us for availability and itinerary.


taste: has a few different meanings.

It’s sensing flavours on your tongue, but it’s also having a preference for something or a sense of discernment...


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